Wavy clouds ripple in front of a light blue sky. A band of orange spreads out across the middle of the photo from the rising sun. Mist fills the valley below and dark rolling fields are shiloiuetted in the foreground.

Weeknotes s02e4

TL:DR; Feeling supported. The rise of the QR code. Training and the processes of death. [week ending: 28/01/2022]

Orange sunrise above the river severn valley with flowers shilloutted in the foreground.

Weeknotes s02e03

TL:DR; Virtual reality riding, team setup, a happy goodbye and a question of accessibility. week ending: 21/01/2022]

Sunrise over the cotswolds

Weeknotes s02e02

TL:DR Roll out, act up, meetings all the way; week ending: 14/01/2022.

Chris and two paramedics stand in front of the GWAAC lime green helicopter on a bright sunny day.

2021 in review

2021 was a year in which I nearly lost my life. I signed a consent form to have my left […]